Re: [-empyre-] video killed the radio star

Quoting Chris Ashley <>:
> > elloha rob.
> Who is Rob?

"Robert Labossiere" <>
[the person who wrote the original post 2 which i was replying?]
> > blogs m.body a perspective of elementary content
> > alteration in a melange of 
> > communication dynamics driven/governed by economic
> > rationalism + blanket 
> > perspectivism.....
> Weblogs are content management and delivery systems.  
> They dynamics of weblogs can be varied, but don't have
> to be.  
> That, according to some, the market will always do
> what's right?  In the weblog world that means hits and
> reputation.  
> And Nietzsche's idea that truth depends on our
> prespective?  Yes.
> Why do you say, "elementary content alteration"?  Do
> you mean "elementary content" ro "elementary
> alteration"?

i was trying 2 convey that blogging offers a method of shifting [altering]
loadings placed on emphasising the "validity" options of elementary content [ie
primary source material, whether that b acknowledged media content or
personalised opinion]?

> And how on earth do you write so consistently with the
> "." and "+" and all that?

with co[i]n(ed)tent,

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