Re: [-empyre-] vurtism maimed the sarcasm star

Quoting Henry Warwick <>:
> SVM wrote:
> >> blogs m.body a perspective of elementary content
> >> alteration in a melange of
> >> communication dynamics driven/governed by economic
> >> rationalism + blanket
> >> perspectivism.....
> I would like some elaboration on that, myself. It sounds intriguing, 
> but has a scent of philological obscurantism + blanket reductionism...


 h, if ur actually interested in an unpack of my snippet above, let me kno? it
was shortcutting of a type + i'm more than willing to elaborate. i'm not keen 2
respond 2 sarcasm with seriousness tho, as i consider that a waste of my [and
empyrian] time?


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