Re: [-empyre-] Fill the Void (-empyre- 15)


I hope you'll reconsider your decision to unsubscribe.  I'm relatively new
to this list, but find your posts to be enjoyable and thought-provoking.
The worst thing that can happen to any organization, including lists such as
this, is when good people abandon it when things get rocky.   Ego and
"artistic temperament" have shown themselves this month, and at times it has
been pretty unpleasant.  Your contributions help define this group, though,
and your absence would diminish it's quality.  You said:

>Chris is doing his best to answer questions and gets these "I dunno...  I
>dunno" answers from this blowhard.

The "I dunno" comments came from Henry W. I believe, and were part of one of
the more civil exchanges seen this month.  I took it to mean he was still
actively pondering one of Chris's comments and his own opinions, not
expressing disinterest or arrogance.


Chris wrote

> Is this supposed to be the point at which I say "Hey,
> Kominos, fuck off, you cunt!"?  Would that make you
> happy?  And then you can say, "See, I was right about
> those bloggers."

There seems this month to be knee-jerk defensive reactions to any opinions
or questions expressed which are less than complimentary of blogs or the
guest artists' work.  The responses to Melinda's questions and Komnino's
comments would seem to bear this out.  Perhaps it is an American trait to
respond with swift and overwhelming force when dealing with any perceived
threat, but it would benefit us all if we attempt to understand those who
"threatened" us, encourage them to further explain their opinions and engage
them in active, healthy and civil discussion.  Shock & Awe clearly doesn't
work.  One of the beautiful things about this discussion group is the
rigorous critical discourse generated by the diversity of its participants.
If the guests choose to respond by dropping out or engaging in pissing
contests or calling participants "cunts"...well, there's always next month.
It would be terrible if people felt unable to express sincere opinions here,
for fear of offending or whatever.  Artists censor themselves too often
anyway, and that's the most dangerous censorship of all.



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