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On Jun 15, 2005, at 6:07 PM, wrote:


h, if ur actually interested in an unpack of my snippet above, let me kno? it
was shortcutting of a type + i'm more than willing to elaborate. i'm not keen 2
respond 2 sarcasm with seriousness tho, as i consider that a waste of my [and
empyrian] time?

Yes, please, I would appreciate an elaboration of your ideas!

I wasn't sure where you were coming from, so rather than say something really mean, presumptuous, and provocative like:

"I think you're hiding small ideas behind big words"

I enclosed my doubts with a slightly sarcastic (but I thought kind of clever) line.

To which:

note that I noted that I detected a scent - suspicions - but I wasn't and didn't want to be actually accusative - more probing for details.

Now that you've agreed, though, "I'm all ears"!

please, elaborate!

very best,


Off topic, sort of: Speaking of maiming titles: I saw the band that originally wrote "Video Killed the Radio Star". It wasn't the Buggles (who made it famous) but the Bruce Wooley Band. They opened for Lene Lovich 24 or 25 years ago when I was in undergrad. They were really very good. But Lene - woot! She was Amazing...

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