[-empyre-] RE: void filled - empyre 15

I didn't spot that!!!
(having 'empyre' in the subject heading sent it straight to my empyre
not sure I approve.
I know I may have been a little harsh with my 'fill the void' piece, but
I sent it to the list. it was intended to be a little humourous. I
wanted to see if anyone would send a wav/mp3 I could add to it and I
felt that something had to happen on the list while chris was away that
actually reflected its current status.
it appears to have picked up a bit now.

less of the having a pop at people.


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--- Komninos Zervos <k.zervos@griffith.edu.au> wrote:
Why did you send this link to me, and Cc "rich white"
<counterwork@blueyonder.co.uk> and "{ brad brace }" <bbrace@eskimo.com>,
and not send it to the empyre
list?   What is the point of this animation?  Do you
really feel that this discussion is about whether
lists or weblogs are best?

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