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what happens if you do leave?
list ends?
remaining listers continue bickering amongst themselves (me included)
about who's got the biggest, bestest __________? (insert own visual

so chris, you use the blog to structure your practice. does this
sometimes dictate how a drawing will be turn out? due to all the time
constraints that come with a day time-limit (your own personal time,
time with friends/familiy, other jobs/commitments, this list etc...) do
you find that the time spent drawing alters each day? do you have a set
time to produce the drawing?
I'm only asking because my own practice is not based around a daily
routine (yet I still feel anxious if not working), I work when I feel
compelled to (which does turn out to be quite regularly.)
some artists are very strict and keep proper office hours for working -
start at 9 and then clock off at 5:30. and they feel they need this to
maintain a practice. others are more fluid and work as and when the need
takes them (I'm sure there are levels in between).

do you plan drawings beforehand? do you have an idea of form and colours
before you start or do you just dive in? I'd like to think that you just
start... pulling forms out of a table.
and... (lots of questions) do the titles come first? I am enjoying the
empyre drawings and their links to particular posts.

I don't think doing something on your blog everyday is a weird devotion,
although if you published talking to your wife, brushing your teeth,
washing the dishes, taking a shower everyday on your blog people might
question it (maybe not? that's a different discussion I think)
it does take devotion though. and it does require confidence. you have
created something and you are using the blog to share it with people.
this is an important aspect of any creative act.


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--- rich white <> wrote:
> nice to see you back chris

Thanks, Rich.  Let's see how long I stick around. 

> questions to all panelists (if you are there?):
> do you feel anxious if you are not blogging (in
> chris's case posting a
> drawing a day)?
> do you find that blogging compels you to work, or is
> your compulsion to
> work facilitated by the blog?

Weblogging compels me to work.  I've made a commitment
to myself.  I have a policy of a post a day.  It's
just something I need to be productive.  I know how
skipping a day leads to two or three and before you
know it you've gained fifteen pounds and can't run
around the block anymore.  I think you know what I

I was annoyed that the place where I was at over the
weekend, which normally has wireless, wasn't working
right.  This is out in the country where the internet connection is by a
repeater (or whateever you call it) aimed at antenna across canyons from
ridge to ridge. 
Once I realized I wouldn't have access I let go of it
for a couple of days.  The point was to get away
anyway, so, whatever.  Not anxious, no, just annoyed
at first.

I make an HTML drawing everyday, but I also draw some
everyday on paper, paint, play my guitar, talk to my
wife, brush my teeth, wash dishes, take a shower,
blah, blah, blah- there's a lot one does everyday. 
Why is doing something in one's weblog everyday seen
as a weird kind of devotion?

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