Re: [-empyre-] bloggers sink the systemic star

At 02:46 PM 16/06/2005, HW wrote:
Yes, please, I would appreciate an elaboration of your ideas!

[please select]:

1. a neat summation [for those convinced that i'm masquerading/floundering in a Big_Filibuster_Words_Masking_Small_Concepts Syndrome loop]:

::blogs *can* [but don't always] operate as communication valves irrespective of overarching hierarchical dependencies [ie moolah-based or intellectual/elitist based]::


2. a more indepth unpack [for the brave amongst us;)]:

#blogs *can* [ad nauseam] present as less intrinsically reliant on fiscal or hierarchical reward-systems [ie such as newscasting/journalism] + projecting information outside of a framework formulated within these rigid economic dependencies [ie having the opportunity (with)in blogdom 2 present ur take thru an individualised opinion filter as opposed 2 a primarily monetary_inflected 1]. of course, the risks for those still even partially centred within a systemic reality should be acknowledged when Blogging_Against/Outside_The_Machine [eg being dooced ].

#blogs *may* assist in reconceptualising the notion of "true" information existing as a type of striation within verified channels of data/media - those stamped with some type of cultural or canonistically_drenched validity via reification displays [on/in networks] or communication channels grinding within monetary exchanges. i'm not necessarily fancying blogging or p2p as outright replacements of certain bloated discourses/ideologies [capitalism or democracy, any1?;)] - wot i'm threading/flagging r indicators that show a subtle devolution of media/power fundaments + their microcosmic constructions + corresponding knee-jerk constrictions that often indicate a type of coded_clinging in the face of rewriting the subliminal core of societal/civilisation/species functioning?

</big/word/small/shoe/size/syndrome>, [s.v.m]

.observation.[st(a)r.(g)ait]jacketing ......................[[vs]]........................[s]p


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