Re: [-empyre-] play/fast forward/rewind/replay/rewind the video star

great post henry
it has been interesting
i hope no one has been really hurt

i can understand the bloggers saying come and look at what we do.
that is what they do.
but, as i understand, this list talks about what people do, and if in the
beginning my questions may have been a little trite, it was only in the
interests of getting a discussion happening.

i think bad timing also played a role.

i tried posting questions, i tried sending artistic responses, i tried
sending plain text html code of my artistic response to the list and
directly to chris, but there seemeed to be no 'common ground' where this
discussion could happen.

i am particularly sorry if i offended chris, but unfortunately he seemed to
be the only artist this month that was prepared to answer questions and
contribute to the list, and so copped a lot of flack that was probably
directed at abe and jimpunk.

an aside, here's a blog i came across, and if you like poetry, you'll love
this one

komninos is the preferred spelling of komninos

komninos zervos
"Our Workplace Rights are NOT for sale."

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