Re: [-empyre-] Fill the Void (-empyre- 15)

I'm just going to highlight this excerpt because it's
a real beaut:

--- Bill Fisher <> wrote:
> Perhaps it is an American trait to
> respond with swift and overwhelming force when
> dealing with any perceived threat, but it would 
> benefit us all if we attempt to understand those who
> "threatened" us, encourage them to further explain
> their opinions and engage them in active, healthy 
> and civil discussion.  Shock & Awe clearly doesn't
> work.  

I can't believe the condescension I'm reading here. 
I'm just in awe of how condescending and offensive it
is.  It's just so wrong-headed that I can't help but
think it's meant in humor.  Please, Bill, tell me that
you forgot to put in the smilies.

> If the guests choose to respond by dropping out or
> engaging in pissing
> contests or calling participants "c*s"...well,
> there's always next month.

I didn't call anyone that.  I used it as a
counter-example of how I felt I was being harrassed. 
It's not ordinarily a word I'd use, and it was crude,
over the top, and unnecessary to making my point.  For
that I apologize.  I regretted the use of that word
after sending the mail and hoped everyone forgot to
put their glasses on while reading that particular

Komninos has written me a nice note and I owe him a
reply- Komninos, I'll reply soon.



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