Re: [-empyre-] video killed the radio star

--- wrote:
> > Why do you say, "elementary content alteration"? 
> > Do you mean "elementary content" ro "elementary
> > alteration"?
> i was trying 2 convey that blogging offers a method
> of shifting [altering]
> loadings placed on emphasising the "validity"
> options of elementary content [ie
> primary source material, whether that b acknowledged
> media content or
> personalised opinion]?

OK, I've read that like three times and I'm going to
move on.  Maybe it's just me.

> > And how on earth do you write so consistently with
> the "." and "+" and all that?


What, you want me to read all that to get the answer
to a simple question?  Geez.

BTW, there is no way to convey in my reply here the
joking tone of my voice- except with cute smilies,
whic I don't do- so please trust me, I'm poking back
in fun.


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