Re: [-empyre-] rewind the video star

--- Christine Goldbeck <> wrote:
> adults who need to think about building knowledge
> through debate and 
> discussion rather than getting into pissing matches.
> I also think humor is a 
> useful tool.

Well, some of the pissing matches have been a little

This is primarily why I'm no longer active on any
mailing lists- short of using smilies, LOL, or "I'm
just kidding" all the time, it takes a lot of work to
inject humor into writing.  We all know how much
voice, inflection, gesture adds.  And to explain
things to others sometimes requires so much context
setting that you almost have to present a lit review
and methodolgy before actually posting... ah, it's too
much work.

> Sincerely, respectfully, with no cynicism and a
> smile on my face,


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