Re: [-empyre-] video killed the radio star

--- Henry Warwick <> wrote:
> I tend to think people find an audience or
> vice versa. Good or 
> bad - I dunno - depends on the audience I suppose.

I think you find on the web that audiences shift a
lot.  Bunch of possiblities: they're fickle; or have
short attention spans; the effort to produce something
consistent and interesting makes it too difficult (for
a weblogger- time, resources, etc.) to hold an
audience for long; or there always some cooler
technology, design, tool, or gimmick around the bend.

> Discipline is a 
> means to an end and not an end in itself - but
> practice is a good thing 
> as it creates consistency. I think the author gains
> more from a 
> practice than the audience.

I agree.  Without a real practice the work can't go
deeply.  Also, I think, why much criticism fall so
short of what art actually does and is about.


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