[-empyre-] hanging mr gates

art + blog = art blog?

point of clarification required

In the beginning, blogs were quite linear and static, simply an online
dairy page. They evolved from a history of code 'log' practice, where
programming code was annotated to note changes; to facilitate debugging.
The point of significance was when the logs were moved from being embedded
inside the code to being posted upfront in an easily accessable form in
the early nineties.

blah blah blah blah blah

Log content then expanded to embrace other topics besides programming;
content such as art.

Technical developments now allow us to publish packets of blog information
directly to our subscribers each time we post, commenting allows feedback.
What was static is more dynamic and interactive.

So my quesion is, how is blogging "art"?

If you are blogging _about_ art, then isnt that journalism or criticism?

Or are you saying that programming is an artform?

In which case should Bill be hanging in the Tate????

please clarify


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