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>>So my quesion is, how is blogging "art"?

I think all the panelist demonstrate quite effectively how blogging can
be art.
they all use the medium as a way of experimenting, expressing and
delivering a creative experience to visitors to their blogs. the blog is
more than just an exhibition space to them, it is the work. in chris's
case it forms a structure and his drawings exist in their prime state on
the blog, abe and jimpunk have fully immersed themselves with - it's about as site-specific as art can get. tom's blog
is like a combination of these - there are finished works, sketches,
ideas and things he has found elsewhere (and sometimes adapted). it's
like being able to look through a sketchbook as it gets filled.
you ask how can they be art - I think the question is 'how can they
not?' the blog lends itself perfectly to the practice of art, both as
exhibition tool and as a way of demonstrating what occurs behind the
finished works. some of the panelists work is about these processes that
occur during creation of works, selection of raw materials, messing with
code etc. and the exposure of this is integral to the experience of the
work. the blog facilitates this.

>>If you are blogging _about_ art, then isnt that journalism or

yes, I suppose it is? but the panelists are blogging_art (and about
art). there is a difference.

>>Or are you saying that programming is an artform?

I would say yes, but then I'm inclined to say that anything can be used
for artistic purposes or be executed with an artistic purpose in mind.

>>In which case should Bill be hanging in the Tate????

I don't think mr gates codes with an artistic purpose in mind.

>>please clarify

I've tried...


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