Re: [-empyre-] hanging mr gates

--- wrote:
> So my quesion is, how is blogging "art"?

Others may argue that weblogging as a form is an art,
though I won't.  There is a performative, project-like
aspect to weblogging that is a procedural aspect of
art, and I'll claim that as a part of what I do. 
Still, my primary "art" is the image. 

> If you are blogging _about_ art, then isnt that
> journalism or criticism?

No, not necessarily.  It would be, instead, writing
about art.  Not all writing about art, however, is
either journalism or criticism.

> Or are you saying that programming is an artform?

I'm not, no, but I believe there are programmers and
others who would argue that.  Anyone?

> In which case should Bill be hanging in the Tate????

A straight line leading to, "I don't care where he's
hanging, as long as he's hung somewhere."


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