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On Jun 18, 2005, at 4:36 AM, Chris Ashley wrote:
--- severn@acay.com.au wrote:
>>So my quesion is, how is blogging "art"?
>Others may argue that weblogging as a form is an art,
>though I won't.  There is a performative, project-like
>aspect to weblogging that is a procedural aspect of
>art, and I'll claim that as a part of what I do.
>Still, my primary "art" is the image.

Chris, 2 begin w/these are simple observations + attempts to contribute to convo...

for your art, the HTML drawings, you use HTML as a core [technology/system] for production + blogging as a distribution [method/medium/channel]. your drawings are in HTML, not RSS. your blog is your (publicly accessible) studio or workSpace rather than your gallery or the project in + of itself.

you are currently the last of the 4 guests who remains active here on empyre. your approach to blogging shares {similarities|differences} w/the guest who have left. the departed abe linkoln + jimpunk appear to approach their blogging as art[work/form/project] in + of itself. @ least, this much is evident in certain projects, i.e. linkoln's

title: my boyfriend came back from the war (abe linkoln's 2004 blog mix)
dvr: abe linkoln rmx'ing olia lialina
date: 2004.12.04
format: blog, rmx,
uri: http://myboyfriendcamebackfromthewar.blogspot.com/

the collaborative SCREENFULL also seems to be a blog as art[work/form/project], but i could be wrong + unfortunately the artists have now left the convo so i guess responses can't be expected from them here.

>>If you are blogging _about_ art, then isnt that
>>journalism or criticism?
>No, not necessarily.  It would be, instead, writing
>about art.  Not all writing about art, however, is
>either journalism or criticism.

++ then there is wryting that is art, i.e. codeworks. codeworks of course also [x-post/criss-cross] into programming, coding + artware...

>>Or are you saying that programming is an artform?
>I'm not, no, but I believe there are programmers and
>others who would argue that.  Anyone?

sure, i'll bite. i would say that in the case of artware (as an area of artistic activity) or [software as art/art as software] the process of programming can be considered the art as much as a resulting [program/application] may be considered the art. as usual, these considerations are also interrelated to intention, reception, context, analysis, etc... for instance the toplap collective:


... position the live [act/performance] of programming as a primary aspect of the art[work/play/form/project]. in doing so they emphasize that programming is as important as any other resulting media (music, sound, visuals, etc) that the programing produces.

// jonCates
# http://www.r4wb1t5.org
# http://www.criticalartware.net
# http://www.systemsapproach.net
# http://newmedianowandthen.blogspot.com

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