Re: [-empyre-] Fill the Void (-empyre- 15)

On Jun 17, 2005, at 2:18 PM, Chris Ashley wrote:
>When I agreed to be a guest on empyre the idea popped
>into my head that each day I would do a drawing in
>response to a post, and that there would be no other
>real consistency besides reference to empyre, the use
>of HTML, and my little bag of tricks.

i respect this commitment + have bin excited by the potential energy + realized connexions this month between the making + discussing of the work you + your fellow (but now absent) guests engage in. generally, this energetic exchange of the conversations + the work that spawned from the conversations is an exciting + encouraging situation.

i have [thoughts/comments] that i may post later regarding these activities in relation to those who left...

>I decided to post the URL to the list and by replying to each day's
>post I'd get a threaded list of drawing announcements
>in the archives.  Great idea, huh?

yes it is. this allows the development of a discourse based on a theorypractice model + full of feed{back|forward} effects.

there [have bin/are] similar situations built into lists such as .microsound, _arc.hive_ + NetBehaviour that facilitate work being made in + about ongoing [dialogs/exchanges]. i think this is often a very healthy development for the listservosphere.

// jonCates

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