Re: [-empyre-] A Smile on My Face (-empyre- 17)

> From: Chris Ashley <>
> I'm just going to highlight this excerpt because it's
> a real beaut:
> --- Bill Fisher <> wrote:
>> Perhaps it is an American trait to
>> respond...

> I can't believe the condescension I'm reading here.
> I'm just in awe of how condescending and offensive it
> is.  It's just so wrong-headed that I can't help but
> think it's meant in humor.  Please, Bill, tell me that
> you forgot to put in the smilies.

Sorry Chris, no offense intended, and no smilies.  In response to people
saying they felt harassed, offended, threatened and so on, I felt compelled
to encourage civil discussion for the free exchange of ideas and opinions.
Looks like I only fanned that flame.  I'm an American, by the way, if the
possibility that I wasn't is what offended you?

This is so off topic and, thanks especially to Chris, the important
discussion has been really percolating...sorry for the distraction.


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