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--- //jonCates <> wrote:

> for your art, the HTML drawings, you use HTML as a
> core [technology/system] for production + blogging
>  as a distribution [method/medium/channel].

HTML is a markup language, yes.

The weblog is a tool for distribution, archiving,

> your drawings are in HTML, not RSS. 

Yes the drawings are made with HTML.  RSS is a way to
distribute weblog content from a weblog as a channel
to anyone who wants to receive it.  My RSS channel is
half broken- for some reason it only sends out titles,
plain text, and links; it's not sending out the HTML. 
I haven't bothered to figure out how to fix it.

> your blog 
> is your (publicly accessible) studio or workSpace
> rather than your 
> gallery or the project in + of itself.

Gee, I can't rule out any of the above.  It's all of

> you are currently the last of the 4 guests who
> remains active here on empyre. 

That appears to be true; Tom has unsuscribed, but I
don't know Abe's and jimpunk's status.  Don't rule
them out- anyone who witnessed their stint at during the month of May
knows that their motto has teeth behind it: "We crash
your browser."

> the collaborative SCREENFULL also seems to be a blog
> as art[work/form/project], but i could be wrong

I believe that is correct, yes.
> i would say that in the case of
> artware (as an area of 
> artistic activity) or [software as art/art as
> software] the process of 
> programming can be considered the art as much as a
> resulting 
> [program/application] may be considered the art.

I know programmers who talk about coding as a creative
pursuit: it's problem solving; some code is elegant,
well-written, visually appealing and so easier to use;
coding can reveal the individual, as do the comments
throughout the code; coding requires a kind of groove,
not unlike other creative pursuits in which one gets
into a groove.  Of course, the audience is very
specfic, requires a certain kind of literacy.  I
wonder, though, if poetry is more analogous to coding.
 I'm sure others hear can say more about that than I


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