RE: [-empyre-] Interactive Video for the Web - Have you thought of astory?

The tech of your 'C-SPAN X 4' is
interesting, and what it does and enables is kind of interesting, but it
seems it's mostly the 'conceptual dimension' of the piece that is most
interesting. I'm not motivated to sing along with the 'C-SPAN Karaoke', for
instance--and I doubt you figured people would be--but somehow the concept
of the piece is very intriguing.

I guess you get an XML feed or something, maybe just a .txt file, that lists
urls to streamable videos and descriptions of the content. This content is
meant to be 'syndicatable' by C-SPAN. And you've gone to a lot of trouble to
build the tech in Director to get that info and then be able to stream those
videos in Director. So then the question arises what to do with that
information, and what is that information? Your 'answers' to these questions
would, I presume, stop many a person dead in their tracks, because your
approach is so non-standard. Which, for me, anyway, serves to increase the
force with which the questions are raised. You 'make strange' strongly. And
what is made strange is not only the video itself, but the delivery and
processing and framing of the video. And the status/nature of journalistic
video in society.


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