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For me, whose background and education is a traditional art school, albeit time-based (music, film, video, performance) that is to say, I dont have any "real" training in computers, have found that the MAX/MSP/Jitter (and softVNS written by david rokeby) is simply the most flexible piece of software out there. As a recent advertisement said: "anything in/ anything out" I've used it in several museum and gallery based installations all over the world where its been crucial that they run everyday without a hitch.

It's got a fairly steep learning curve, but the treat is that you can program graphically - a real plus for those of us that dont think in terms of lists of commands. There is a great user base out there as well who are willing to help via listserv.

By the way, if you're open source, go for PD. Although I cant really speak for its reliability as I can MAX.

have fun,
matthew biederman

On 4-Mar-05, at 11:24 AM, Jason Nelson wrote:

A terribly basic question for those whose work I so admire. What software do most use to create their interactive video works? And what applications are used for what? Which are the best for the quick beginner?

Jason Nelson

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