[-empyre-] interactive video software

Hello to everyone,

First I would like to thank Jim Andrews and all the people of empyre for
inviting me to this discussion about interactive video.
Second I would like you to forgive my english which is quite approximate :-)

I've found Barbara's work very interesting and can see some similarities
with mine when it comes to interactive video, especially in the fact that
the user, as far as I understood and concerning the videos based on Murnau's
movies, has an intuitive way of interacting, by moving the mouse over
different areas or by clicking. I like the idea that you don't necessarily
understand how you manipulate the movie. But I will go more into details
when Jim will introduce my work in the second part of march.

For now I just wanted to answer Jason about software. In my case I'm using
director (shockwave) and its programming language which is Lingo and
actually I'm not really using video as quicktime or other format but just
series of pict that allow me for freedom in the way I make the "movies"
interactive. Once again I'll develop this point later on this month.

To finish and to answer to Barbara about local scenes, I'm working sometime
with other artist in France like Jean-Jacques Birge (which is composer and
movie maker www.drame.org) with who we have made http://www.somnambules.net
(this work includes a lot of interactive videos by the way) and with who we
are working on a new and huge video installation (but we'll probably talk
about it later on), I did work for a while with programmer Frederic Durieu
when we have created lecielestbleu (www.lecielestbleu.com) but not anymore
and I see from time to time Antoine Schmitt (http://www.gratin.org/as/) and
Jean-Luc Lamarque (http://www.pianographique.net/).

I'll be back soon on the list, thanks again for your interest and

Nicolas Clauss


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