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i often find when viewing 'interactive' video on the web that my interactivity consists of randomly clicking & wondering what effect the click has had or whether clicking in a different place, or at a different time, might have a produced a different result. it's interactive in that the viewer can have some effect on the work, without any real agency.

furtherfield's visitors' studio is a great example of interactivity, where it's all handed over to the viewer/mixer - you can upload your own files and mix them into the general pool, creating a mix on your own or collaborating in realtime with others.

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The interesting things about interactive video for the Web/Net, compared with the typical VJ situations, are that the interactivity and pace are in the hands of the audience; the audience is globally distributed; as we see in Barbara's C-SPAN X 4 piece, work can draw on resources from the Net; given that the pace is controlled mainly by the individual audience member, things like text can be more prominent and extended than in live performance...


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