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dynebolic's good you can also drop things in PresentMovie on a Mac. When I do a live performance I'm just on Quicktimes; with 64 bits you can run at least 6 of them at a time. Computer, not video output. + text. Can you script quicktime to drop text into it live? - Alan

Hi Alan.

I don't know the answer to that last question of yours. I have wondered it myself in relation to online annotation of video (quicktime, flash, realMedia, anything that streams).

Recently I picked up an O'Reilly book called "Quicktime for Java" that I hope will give me a few clues. I may have to finally learn Java for real. Or maybe it is something more straightforward... dynamically changing an external xml file with perl??? (in which case you would need another small window interface in addition to the quicktime player)


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