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oculus is a web cam streaming app that allows you to place text over the video stream.

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h : )

That would work. Or couple two machines together, projecting only one.
incorporating live for that matter, I haven't had the need for jitter etc. since I'm working with the audience, pathing through the sememe. The random comes through the texting which is live and continuous as well as glitches when some videos are opened; there are almost always at least 2-3 on the screen and generally a lot more.

One could type tranparently - black on black - I think that would be a quick solution - periodically dropping the text in which just takes a second, running it that way - alan

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dynebolic's good you can also drop things in PresentMovie on a Mac. When I do a live performance I'm just on Quicktimes; with 64 bits you can run at least 6 of them at a time. Computer, not video output. + text. Can you script quicktime to drop text into it live? - Alan

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