[-empyre-] Turbulence Spotlight: "playListNetWork" by LeMaitre & Rosenzveig

i haven't had time to look at this properly yet but it sounds relevant to the current discussion.

March 7, 2005 Turbulence Spotlight: "playListNetWork" by LeMaitre & Rosenzveig <http://turbulence.org/spotlight/playlist/index.htm>http://turbulence.org/spotlight/playlist/index.htm

"playListNetWork" is a distributed video editing database that allows multiple users in different locations to edit and annotate media clips and playlists simultaneously. It's comprised of three parts: the software developed in consultation with the artists; the audio visual media content made with the software; and an interface to visualize and navigate the authored structure.


Since 1993, LeMaitre & Rosenzveig's longterm, large scale projects have functioned as a frame for the process of creation and resulted in the development of software, media and net works, and physical commodity objects. Each has been designed to allow for repeated iteration and hence experience for the public. They are currently working on a series of consumer electronic devices designed for the obsolescence of mass media.

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