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virtual has been used to mean "almost", or "not-real", or "pretend", or
"not-physical", or "imaginary", etc.

as for 'virtual realty' well that is just an oxymoron, vr environments are
strictly defined with all the parameters, objects, and their properties,
the way they will react to certain stimuli, all set in strict code. much
more defined than our 'real' world.

i like to see the virtual, not as what is possible, but as everything we
know about an ideas domain, and all that is yet to be known. for example
the ideas domain of poetry, as the virtual of poetry is all that has been
realised as book, audio recording, digital representation, memory of live
performance, discourse, cultural events (the real), plus all the possible
realisations of a particular actualisation (the possible),  plus all the
questions that have been asked about the problematic poetry and all
attempted solutions of these questions (the actual), PLUS all that is yet
to be asked, all solutions yet to be thought of, and all the realisations
that will eventuate.

pierre levy's 'becoming virtrual' expands a little on deleuze by 
the virtual - actual is a loop, each impacting on the other.diagram

try deleuze on the virtual, the actual, the real and the possible in
'difference and repetition'. he extends the kantian notion of the
determined (what we know), the indeterminate (what we can't know) and the
yet-to-be determined (what we don't know yet). but deleuze describes his
terms without reference or need for an essence or centre, in fact arguing
against such a premise.
eg. digital technology comes along, starts a virtualisation of the ideas
domain of poetry, necessitates a re-thinking a re-asking of all the
questions we ever asked about poetry, and encourages attempted solutions,
new actualisations that take into account new information, this results in
real products, poems suited, or born of an interactive interconnected
digital environment, with further possibilities able to be perceived.


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