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> I'd suggest the Deleuzean inspired work that proposes a much stronger
> distinction between the virtual and the actual has established a more
> robust and pragmatically useful approach. The virtual (in a crude
> nutshell) are that set of possibilities available, the actual are
> those possibilties actualised. eg right now in the next few minutes I
> might go to bed, keep writing, go to the toilet, attend to my kids in
> their sleep, put the dog out, change tv channels, etc. This is the
> virtual. The actual is what is actualised. both, however, are real.
Or more precisely unreal. That is the point I am making. The virtual<>real
dialectic tends to rest upon such a simplistic ontology where so much is a
priori. Even Deleuze falls for that one with Kantian/Bergsonian echoes all
the way down the line. Foucault had a more nuanced take on this - the real
as social construct allows for the virtual as an equivalence as then both
are equally "unreal".



Simon Biggs

Professor, Fine Art, Art and Design Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

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