Re: [-empyre-] interactive video, a few works for Easter

Thanks for the comments Alan, David and Christina.


the works were done in director with lingo which is a great tool. It seems
that you cannot have, as far as I know, the transparency modes I use on the
layers with Flash (but maybe some actionscript genius would find a way), in
director you can do whatever you want with the layers, like you would in
photoshop let's say. Then I think the way you manage the sound is easier too
in director than flash but once again I don't really use flash. But I'm not
here to advertise for one software or another :-)


I like what you say about dirtiness, I really want to make the spectator
(spectactor) forget about the computer interface, it is always a pain for me
to have to put a button on screen to access next chapter or to go back to
menu. You see a future for interactivity beyond the monitor and you are
right. I believe when you have a picture projected on a large screen in a
black box with a good sound sytem you experiment what I want the work to be.
Then, even if I have many opportunities to show the work in such conditions,
I have much more people able to see it from their personal computer at home
or at work (probably with bad computer, reflection of the window on the
monitor not to mention the awfull sound quality). I loose in quality but
reach a larger audience. It's, maybe, like the difference between to see
paintings in a book and to actually see them in exhibition. (???)

Hi Nicolas -

I want to say what I appreciate most of all in your work is its dirtiness,
the ability to break through the clean and prper body (Krsteva) of the
interface itself, not with debris, but with content that relates for me,
more than anything, to experimental cinema and all that implies in terms of
film theory etc. Not only does the 'grain of the voice' come through, but
also the border's dissolved in a way that can only tend towards a future of
interactivity beyond the monitor etc. Of Vadim's work, I have seen this in
film itself...

Alan -

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