Re: [-empyre-] interactive video, a few works for Easter

Hi Nicholas.

the work is fantastic and inspiring, especially Linz and the Etudes.

I also liked Vadim Bernard's work very much and thanks for adding that to the list.

Vadim's work offers a counterpoint to yours in the engagement with the urban environment.

Your work "Linz" draws me into a subjective space through triggers of nostalgia that I watch myself producing through my own tactile interaction. It is very compelling to me because of all of the many ways that you construct the work, mentioned by Alan and others ...there is no need to list all the inventive choices you make. The outcome for myself as viewer is how I feel myself reaching (as if cursor movements and mouseclicks were sutures across time). I stretch and reach nostalgically to bring "Linz" into focus... out of the past and into my present right here, right now.

Vadim, in both the treatment and the subject produces an externalized, tactile and mobile psychological space that is more resonant of urban rhythms and fragmentations. There is no nostalgia. Just an anxious ringing disintegration that snaps back with a magic mechanical logic of reintegration at each point in the sequence. This is tightrope walking in the void.


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