Re: [-empyre-] interactivity beyond the monitor? what is it.

I'd say yes to all the below. The phrase is more or less from Derrida (end of the book conference). I do find the screen incredibly limiting and there's no reason that it will remain permanent; on the other hand, video has yet to get beyond screens itself, even though it's been around for 70 years, and Tony Oursler etc. notwithstanding.

But we can still comprehend what we're immersed in; we study our very atoms, the air we breathe, the consistency and content of matter, space and time, etc., even within and perhaps through our embedding. Because of nearly decomposable hiearchies, and I'd say, nearly decomposable synchronic domains as well (something I wrote on a while ago), what amazes is just how much we can study, even given the Heisenbergian limitations.

Our bodies are always already inscribed; the logo is another tribal tattoo, one that comes from afar. But then clan identification comes from afar in a sense as well, and one has little choice there.

- Alan

On Sat, 26 Mar 2005, Barbara Lattanzi wrote:

At 12:02 PM 3/24/2005, Alan Sondheim wrote:

Hi Nicolas -

I want to say what I appreciate most of all in your work is its dirtiness, the ability to break through the clean and prper body (Krsteva) of the interface itself, not with debris, but with content that relates for me, more than anything, to experimental cinema and all that implies in terms of film theory etc. Not only does the 'grain of the voice' come through, but also the border's dissolved in a way that can only tend towards a future of interactivity beyond the monitor etc.

I am wondering about this last statement. What does "future of interactivity beyond the monitor" mean?

One part of me says, isn't my life interactive beyond the monitor? Doesn't the frame of the monitor give me an ability to use the screen as a focal point of dialogue with everything outside the frame?

The other part of me says, once we arrive at a ubiquitous technology of immersion, won't we find ways of framing (setting apart) some areas of immersive experience from others? For example, online games and online communities use spatial metaphors to set things apart as objects of interaction (as in a simulated house or castle).

Then there is a third part of me that says, we are already immersed in virtualized environments... phantasmatic, logo-emblazoned object-worlds mediated by scientifically-engineered public relations spin. Why would I want to place myself in another bubble? How can you dialogically interact with something that you are immersed in?


Of Vadim's work, I have seen this in film itself...

Alan -

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Nicolas Clauss wrote:


It seems that the list is on holliday (easter break I guess), I'll try to
contribute here in relation to the interactive video subject by invited you
to visit a few works.

the first one is a very last piece made with video I shot in Linz last fall
during the ars electronica festival where I was invited for somnambules.not.
It is not completed yet (the sound is not correct at the moment) and I'll
launch it sometime next week when I'm happy with the sound, but you can
have a look at picture (if you have a very fast computer, it works on my 1,5
Mhz speed pc but more is better). I guess it is what you could call
interactive video, I've tried here to make a kind of moving painting from
video where you use the mouse as a kind of digital brush.

Then I invite you to take a look at these two pieces about interactive
video, you can play and click on the stage and around the stage. The first,
Heritage (with sounds from Jean-Jacques Birge) you play with Georges Bush
son and father in a psychoanalytic nightmare if I can say.
The second, 3 studies show 3 short interactive movies.

and to finish I would like to introduce this work from a french young artist
called Vadim Bernard :

it is not really interactive but I find it very interesting as a video for
internet, the subject might not be the most interesting but the treatment is

I wish you all the best


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