Re: [-empyre-] Thanks to Barbara and Nicolas

as one who listens

i would like to add my thanks

it expands my considerations of an activity which i often follow as an intuitive river

i have admired nicholas' imagistic dexterity and rare raw beautiful works for many years
and barbara's intellectual rigour is beyond me

so it is with pleasure that i listen and learn

my own work is rawer and unfinished
etay is being updated daily for this week
& its very buggy (pls send me reports of all and sundry hassles it would be very helpful)
& its missing a lot of sounds

i didn't succeed yet with etay....but it's an intriguing failure..and thru persistence might yield something...

work of my own (to self-proselytize but also to guide you) recently done
that i like better is at
(love poems from clik anywhere series using aleatory easing equations applied to phrases thast fly over video...
and also (i am sorry to admit) sonically half-finished
but at least genuinely felt and thus content-full as opposed to concept etc...)

all the best to everyone

p.s wow imagine applied as a deformer to video pixels based on keystroke speed or heartbeat rate....
or hex regions in as masks for multiple streaming cams.....
and the algorithmic animism of ajmes tindall is strong if you consider narratives where 3d objects are assigned characters that evolve...

maybe its a repeat but stanza's webcam work: is intriguing...

and for the folks who might be ineterested in trivia:
at etay all effects were applied in real time using maxmsp thru game controllers and keyboard flash interface
files were date-stamped and fed toward a local php-enabled server
in an attempt to envision streaming lives: authentic intimate mundane esoteric whatever....
but as it is now i consider it something of an evolutionary dead-end
it was simply an artist-in-residence space with jitter and local servers that allowed participants to review representations of themselves
undeleted works were uploaded to site currently at about 6gb, so its a reservoir thats easily expandable....
(if i was feeling more technically audacious
i'd be looking for home servers and would soon (june?) put up a download link for self-extracting modules of this system
but truth be told i miss being an artist...too much time spent on taming devices, debugging
....besides this sort of stuff will be sold with wedding licenses in the next few years...)

it feels as if the field/craft is waiting for unification, its between a toddler and an adolescent, a strange amalgamation of toys and gimmickry...

my future will involve pixel-shifting video using input from viewer's emotional state thru a rudimentary AI this discussion has been prescient
i agree that the era of the button is ending,

between the bandwidth issues and the lacklustre exhibitionist or bland content i sometimes wonder if etay's been worth the effort
reality tv is definitely more scripted than it seems,
the weave of narrative is a strong yearning, embedded switches: invisible cultural languages: shared realities

anyway i am exhibiting again ( from a piece i did in 2003 ) something that looks like
and variants thereof
for which is a collectitve show of video in a cab influenced by touch (same as one at etay that was bathroom mirror with an openGL video feed onto it) and GPS ....
the earth as tactile sensor; our bodies as spores....

respects to all

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