Re : [-empyre-] Thanks to Barbara and Nicolas

Thanks Jim and thanks to all of you for this interesting experience and
I felt sometimes very difficult to understand the issues that you have
and therefore to answer but I have grabed a few ideas that will enrich my

I wish I was more active for the posts but once again my works speak better
than me and I have spent the last few days working nights and days on a new
piece, a remix of the shower scene in "Psycho" (Hitchcock) where I kept
thinking of a few comments that were brought in this march conversation.
I'll keep you informed when I'll release it (soon).

I wish you all the best

Nicolas Clauss

ps: some last links that you might know already but which I often go :

> thanks to barbara lattanzi and nicolas clauss for sharing their insights
> video and interactivity in march.
> that wraps up march on empyre.
> here are some worthwhile links concerning interactive video for the web
> haven't been mentioned this month.
> contains works (primarily
> shockwave and java) by a range of artists including META, Yugop, Dextro,
> Lia, James Tindall, Peter Luining, and Mark Napier. i was particularly
> with the beauty of META's piece "Sol" at
> . these works
> appeared in the 'Abstraction Now' project curated by Norbert
> and Sandro Droschl.
> Germany's Reiner Strasser has works at
> in interactive video. 'Structural
> Walk' comes to mind, in this regard.
> Canada's Jhave Johnston is working on a piece at that offers
> interesting look into an artist residency.
> Janet Cardiff, if I'm not mistaken, did , which is
> set at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Like Jhave's project, this uses webcams.
> thanks to all.
> ja

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