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A final word on the discussion between Eduardo and Raul before it disappears. Writing as someone who felt very moved by the conversation as it ranged between people and loved seeing Spanish spoken and written on the list. Gracias. While on holiday in Mexico City last year I watched for a long time while an Aztec soldier gave Aztec language lessons near the Zocalo - alongside the Pablo Neruda conference which was all a street affair. The list discussion made me wonder if the label of "subtle essentialism" is particularised by proximity to indigenity. Last year Australian art historian Ian McLean in Eyeline: Contemporary Visual Arts magazine discussed Aboriginal artist Judy Watson's work making the comment that the spiritual concerns of indigenous art mark its contemporariness. As an art theorist I am writing a lecture on the origins of circular imagery which also emerges from that arena across cultures and of course has been marginalised because of its essentialist associations ie cosmology, astronomy, astrology, paganism, etc. Still a very significant origin which provides an incredible level of intellectual sustenance for one's efforts. I guess the counter to 'essentialism' is plurality and the problematic but is that also often aligned with a privileged, centered vista?

Jacquie Clarke
Visual Theory
Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand

On 01/05/2005, at 8:11 AM, Kate Southworth wrote:

Dear empyre list

Thank you so very much for listening to these ideas and feelings that Raul,
Eduardo and Patrick and I have been trying to articulate, and thank you for
your insightful and generous responses. These woven strands have left me
with much to consider, for which I am very grateful. So, many thanks to
everyone with whom ideas and feelings - silent or spoken - co-emerged.


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