[-empyre-] closing of the April topic

dear -empyreans-

While I am flattered that people are still passionate about this topic, the moderating team has a rule that discussions must be limited to the month in which they occur. This is one of the several constraints on this list that make it a somewhat formal and scholarly resource. Indeed it's already almost the 2nd of May in Australia and it's the first here in California.

Your humble and obedient moderator needs a break. Each month, a new topic and new moderator manages the list, including inviting the guests and carrying forward the values set forth in the
empyre statement (see opening page <http://www.subtle.net/empyre>

Michael Arnold Mages will be on deck soon with May's topic and guests.

"Border Crossings" was an excellent, vigorous conversation and I am very proud of the high quality of the content. Thanks for understanding that this topic will end now.



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