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Hi Kim,

Thanks for participating.

Here's an interesting link for a researcher, scholar, critic, and curator
such as yourself:

If you're unfamiliar with it, what the site does is take a snapshot of home
pages every month or so. It's frightening what just the sight of one of your
former home pages can inspire in you.

As for the pieces themselves, yes, we update them. A quick look at our own
archives shows that we have indeed changed both SAMSUNG AND SAMSUNG MEANS TO
COME, in their details and overall appearance -- it's probably their
appearance that rings a bell with you, since you've been following our stuff
from the beginning. These two pieces are in their third or fourth rebirth.

It might be interesting for everyone out there that Kim Machan, director of
Multimedia Art Asia Pacific (, commissioned YOUNG-HAE
CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES' first piece ever,,
way back at MAAP 1999, a piece that has since undergone quite a few
face-lifts -- and will undoubtedly undergo another one very soon.

If you go to the MAAP 1999 site archives, you can probably dig up an
ARTIST'S STATEMENT that is very different from the present one. That piece
is the prototype for everything that follows.

We never take a link off our server. Sometimes we replace a link with an
updated version, but we also update links with new names. So many older
versions of our work are on our site -- you just have to find them.

Young-hae and Marc

On 5/2/05 8:38 PM, "Kim Machan" <> wrote:

> Hi Young-hae and Marc,
> This is quite a specific question but maybe an easy one to start the ball
> rolling. I recently went back to look at two of your earlier works 'Samsung'
> and 'Samsung means to come'. It has been a while since I looked at these
> works, and now, they seem quite different to what I remember ... could it be
> that you go back to edit and rework pieces? I have had this feeling before,
> but am never really sure. Maybe my memory is not as good as it should be?
> As you don't date your works and there is a sense that the site does not
> have a 'history', only a present, could it be that it has a form in the
> present tense that means it can change, and has no obligation to stay in the
> original form?
> Best
> Kim
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> Thanks, Michael,
> We're open to discuss anything with anybody -- oh, except for sex, politics,
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> versus the local  trans-anything, post-everything, deconstruction, nomadism,
> gender, C, C++, Maya, claymation, GATS, intellectual copyrights, and the
> latest North Korean test missile. Shoot.
> Young-hae and Marc
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