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Young-hae and Marc

Thank you for sharing those intimate details. I now think about your hard
drive with new wonder, and hope you have backed it up in triplicate!!!

This brings to question your feelings about the preservation of your artwork
(history) and the simultaneous remodelling (always 'today') of your web
site. For us, the humble viewer, it is quite difficult to assess how you
might have changed a work, and then to examine what those changes might be,
also why you decided to change? Is it like refining a text, is there a point
where you decide you just won't go back to touch a work? Do you both discuss
(calmly or with explanation marks!) when a work needs... more work?
Can you talk a little about the process?

Do you print your texts in hard copy just in case of a catastrophe?   

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Hi Kim,

Thanks for participating............

Here's an interesting link for a researcher, scholar, critic, and curator
such as yourself:

If you're unfamiliar with it, what the site does is take a snapshot of home
pages every month or so. It's frightening what just the sight of one of your
former home pages can inspire in you.

[Kim Machan] snip.

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