[-empyre-] Re: welcoming Young hae Chang Heavy Industries

chiming in on the love-fest here :))
could not agree more on what Deborah wrote.

I'd like to ask Young-hae and Marc about the physical challenge for the
readers. in particular the slow readers, (like myself).
I find some works (Dakota for example) to be fast and somewhat not easy to
read through.
Victoria Defiled for example is slower and I find the experience of reading
the piece to be more comfortable.
I am wondering about your parameters for the 'Tempo' , the rhythm, and the
intensity of the text.


>I just wanted to say that Young hae Chang Heavy
>Industry's Cunnilingus in North Korea is one of the
>most charming, hilarious, intriguing and flat out mad
>pieces of any kind of artwork I've ever seen, with the
best soundtrack. 
I've sent it to many people, as well as experienced it
repeatedly myself. 
I'm really delighted to be hearing more from them.
Deborah Kelly

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