[-empyre-] Re: welcoming Young hae Chang Heavy Industries

chiming in on the love-fest here :))
could not agree more on what Deborah wrote.

I'd like to ask Young-hae and Marc about the physical challenge for the
readers, in particular the slow readers, (like myself).
I find some works (Dakota for example) to be fast and somewhat not easy to
read through.
Victoria Defiled for example is slower and I find the experience of reading
the piece to be more comfortable.
I am wondering about your parameters or ideas for the 'Tempo' and the
intensity of the text.


>I just wanted to say that Young hae Chang Heavy
>Industry's Cunnilingus in North Korea is one of the
>most charming, hilarious, intriguing and flat out mad
>pieces of any kind of artwork I've ever seen, with the
>best soundtrack. 
>I've sent it to many people, as well as experienced it
>repeatedly myself.
>I'm really delighted to be hearing more from them.
>Deborah Kelly

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