RE: [-empyre-] Cunnilingus in North Korea

Dear Young hae Chang

It's a treat to have so many messages entitled 'Cunnilingus in North Korea'.
I guess the fact that they have got through the various browser filters is good too.
I hope we establish a record for the most messages with 'Cunnilingus in North Korea' as a subject.
People have been looking at me strangley in this open plan office - as they pass by.
It was not because I was laughing.
I'd plugged my earphones into the wrong hole.
Now it's quiet except for the movement on screen.
That red blush was right on cue.

Sometimes I find that I lose my way and have trouble keeping up with the pace.
But most of all I just want to say how much I enjoy what you are doing
and the way you are doing it.

Simon Pockley

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