[-empyre-] Cunnilingus in North Korea

Speaking of the representation of Korea in the relative West... i'm writing from "Korea Town" in LA (well, really the border between KT and Little Armenia). Here, the stereotypes of Korea (when they show up) are images of convenience store owners who don't like people darker than them, especially post-1992. but "they" do like Karaoke. oh, and "they" like small fluffy dogs. not chihuahuas, "brown" people have those.
it's funny that even here, where there are dozens of nationalities (and multiple forms of hybridity and generational heritage) everywhere, the most reductive assumptions still find a way to assert themselves. a friend of mine who's parents were from Taiwan has been asked, repeatedly whether she's Korean, Japanese or Thai depending on what part of town she was in. And is always asked where the best Chinese restaurant is. She would sarcastically answer, "Sorry, i'm from Taiwan Town." or give them directions to Mann's Chinese Theater.
as for the work in question, the jazz and the text have always made me think of those ironic recreations of beat poetry and early spoken word... i still snap my fingers every time.
i'm curious how you guys (YHCHI) are making your own music... did you form a band?
if so, i'd like to invite you to play in LA soon. of course, you'd be more than welcome even if you didn't play music.
btw: the piece in the last Venice Biennale with the gun shot audio was very nice and startling.
(how do you feel about your work in spatial settings versus being framed by browsers and computers? it really was a different experience.)
take care,
ryan g

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