Re: [-empyre-] Cunnilingus in North Korea

The West has never had the same fascination with Korea that it has had with
China and Japan.

Young-hae and Marc

I remember my interest in Korea dates back to my studies of the I Ching
in the 60's.  I made an analysis of its mathematical structure for my
undergraduate dissertation and this involved a study of the Great Treatise
and especially the trigrams.  When I discovered the Korean flag was the
tai chi or heaven pool surrounded by and reflected in the trigrams of
heaven, earth, fire and water I was intrigued!  Many flags - like the
British Union Jack - are symbolic of conquest or - like the Australian
- of appropriation.  Some are idealistic - like the Korea Unification Flag
which is used by both sides at events like the Olympics.  But the South
Korean flag seems to be based on the concept of balance.

Your work is wonderful BTW and this dialogue refreshing - thanks for
contributing to empyre.  Did the Great Leader really say all that :) ?

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