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I do not post frequently to Empyre list, although am always paying attention to
the interesting discussions. But, as Nicolas, I am forced to say that
Young-hae´s work is one of the most inspiring I ever saw in the web. Since
2002, when I first saw it, under a suggestion made by Brian Kim Stefens; from
then on, I´ve been using it as a fine example in classes and conferences. I
must say everybody that watches Heavy Industries production fall in love
immediately. The Struggle continues!

Citando Nicolas Clauss <>:

> Hello Young-hae and Marc,
> I just use the opportunity of your presence on the list to tell you how
> great I always find your work.
> I've lived in Seoul for 3 years (1995-1998) and to see your works
> (especially pieces like Samsung or Cunnilingus) was something very special
> and strong to me. I'm not sure how to explain it but I have never find a
> such freedom of speech in Korea while living there, I had many friends there
> but I never felt I could be really myself by talking more openly, maybe I
> missed something, maybe it was me... Maybe like you do, I loved Korea and
> hated (the word is surely to strong) Korea like I do with my own country,
> france. Anyway your work is really special. thanks for it, I do see love in
> it like you ironically wrote it.
> Nicolas
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