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Hi Nicolas,

You've got a great site. Thanks for linking to ours.

. . ."I loved Korea and hated (the word is surely to strong) Korea like I do
with my own country, france."

Correct us if we're wrong, but from our experience, the French are really
tormented about being French. It's a big burden for you guys. That's your
strength, especially when it comes to social issues. How does it go?
Something like "Sans le droit de se plaindre, il n'y a pas de démocratie."
"Without the right to complain, there's no democracy." If we recall
correctly, that Beaumarchais epigram sits right under the Figaro masthead.
That seems to sum up a certain national character.

Fortunately, it's just the opposite in Korea. And that's perhaps why you
"hated" Korea -- because Koreans ignore everything that the French -- well,
a certain kind of French person, say those living in Paris -- are passionate
about, say, for instance, the life of the mind.

We don't mind that there are no intellectuals here. Or rather, Koreans
aren't complainers. Sure, the dinners are far shorter here than there, but
then, the food here isn't as good as there either.

Young-hae and Marc 

On 5/5/05 3:08 AM, "Nicolas Clauss" <> wrote:

> Hello Young-hae and Marc,
> I just use the opportunity of your presence on the list to tell you how
> great I always find your work.
> I've lived in Seoul for 3 years (1995-1998) and to see your works
> (especially pieces like Samsung or Cunnilingus) was something very special
> and strong to me. I'm not sure how to explain it but I have never find a
> such freedom of speech in Korea while living there, I had many friends there
> but I never felt I could be really myself by talking more openly, maybe I
> missed something, maybe it was me... Maybe like you do, I loved Korea and
> hated (the word is surely to strong) Korea like I do with my own country,
> france. Anyway your work is really special. thanks for it, I do see love in
> it like you ironically wrote it.
> Nicolas
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