Re: [-empyre-] Cunnilingus in North Korea

Hi Paul,

"Did the Great Leader really say all that :) ?" No, the Dear Leader said all
that. The Great Leader was Kim Il-sung. We're dealing with the son.

Did the Korean flag influence any of your public work?

Young-hae and Marc

On 5/5/05 12:30 PM, "Paul Brown" <> wrote:

>> The West has never had the same fascination with Korea that it has had with
>> China and Japan.
> Young-hae and Marc
> I remember my interest in Korea dates back to my studies of the I Ching
> in the 60's.  I made an analysis of its mathematical structure for my
> undergraduate dissertation and this involved a study of the Great Treatise
> and especially the trigrams.  When I discovered the Korean flag was the
> tai chi or heaven pool surrounded by and reflected in the trigrams of
> heaven, earth, fire and water I was intrigued!  Many flags - like the
> British Union Jack - are symbolic of conquest or - like the Australian
> - of appropriation.  Some are idealistic - like the Korea Unification Flag
> which is used by both sides at events like the Olympics.  But the South
> Korean flag seems to be based on the concept of balance.
> Your work is wonderful BTW and this dialogue refreshing - thanks for
> contributing to empyre.  Did the Great Leader really say all that :) ?

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