[-empyre-] Halbeath

 hello Young-hae and Marc,


wow ! gotta to say i love this one (and previous work)

i assume you are involved in this
 same song (warped i think?) , different carnage!

is candy factory you guys? or a side-project?
both conception and execution are wonderful

your mastery of the genre of conceiving imagistic vignettes is exquisitely charming and astute

>That's another thing about art: it has to be easy, or it isn't worth doing.
>If it's hard, you might as well be doing anything, especially because
>anything else is surely better paid.
maybe yr charm has something to do with the luminosity of your playful laziness

....is yr art just a facade for some dada zen paradox embrace?
cause you could easily start a cult with yr style, its hypnotic....



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