Re: [-empyre-] Hi from Seoul.

Curious to find someone quoting Lautreamont, my fellow countryman, born in 
Montevideo, as me. He moved to Paris when he was fifteen years old but kept in 
Paris a deep nostalgy for the Rio de la Platas borders and wideness.
The "Chants of Maldoror" is still a wonderful show of anarchy and sadness, a kind of 
final tribute to an ending world. In a way he was a farseer and predicted the 
paradigm change we experience today, when the culture based on mainstream 
conceptions and values struggles to fight any criticism and change.
I have only seen your Cunnilingus work, Young-Hae, but it impressed me as a 
powerful satirical view of the frozeness, a caricature of a society who embedds in 
herself and to try repel any contact and exchange with the outside world, a kind of 
Wonderland where the Queen (or the party) is still hunting for heads.
Ana, uruguayan as Lautreamont, living in Sweden since ages, working in Palestine, 
as its shown in our links,,

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