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I'll join the throng who 'light-up' in front of Young-hae and Marc's pieces. But I'd like to backtrack for further illumination concerning the process that generated 'the first piece ever'........

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It might be interesting for everyone out there that Kim Machan, director of
Multimedia Art Asia Pacific (http://www.maap.org.au), commissioned YOUNG-HAE
CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES' first piece ever,
way back at MAAP 1999, a piece that has since undergone quite a few
face-lifts -- and will undoubtedly undergo another one very soon.

Several questions - all may answer!

What was 'it' that was seen by Kim to attract her attention?

How did Young-hae and Marc feel about the idea of a commission? Did the notion of being asked to do something, fall comfortably within their cultural remit?

What kind of interaction occurred between the two parties to generate the 'first piece ever' in what became a remarkable series?


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