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On 11/05/2005, at 11:41 PM, Kim Machan wrote:

there was no demand for a commission, it was very open and we were
happy whatever the outcome... The Perfect Artistic website was born out of
unconditional love!

Without wanting to move too far away from Young-hae and Marc's work, I'm still left wondering about the 'external structures' that caused this series of work to be made, as they seem to be also about passion:

Young-hae and Marc sticking with ideas and concepts rather than technology as starting points seems to be a sure way......

Kim as the founding director of MAAP, feeling free to respond openly to 'this amazing document'. Does this suggest "document preparation talent"? A left field proposal that could be regarded as 'emerging', in the parlience? Was this because MAAP was a new commissioning body with a fairly open slate as to what its engagement with media was to be, without a reputation and tradition to uphold, no risk assessment to make, without a list of key indicators against which to score? To whom was the account rendered?

Many years ago, upon emerging I suppose, I was approached by a small regional funding body with the suggestion that I submit a proposal for a film - new media in arts circles back then. It would only require a paragraph and a budget on one sheet of A4. The proposal for a 30 minute film was accepted without comment and the commission/grant in effect funded four years of art production activity and eventually, three hours of film, much of which is still being rented.

It would seem MAAP's initiatives affected Young-hae and Marc similarly. But maybe they were set on this track already? Maybe other commissions by Kim and MAAP99 had 'no outcomes'?
Again, to whom was the account rendered?


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