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Yes, lots of love from me too.

I was captivated by Young-hae and Marc's work the first time I came across "The Struggle Continues" about a year ago. For me the strength of the work is above all in the writing: I always show this work to students who ask me who I think are the most interesting contemporary writers around. And I guess the other thing I like about it is it's not interactive in any dumb 'new media' sense; if people can't stop fidgeting with their mouses for five minutes to take in a bit of art then I guess that's their loss.

With the pounding repetition, lyrical aggression, and general hilariousness, the texts remind me above all of Thomas Bernhard and Samuel Beckett (about the highest compliment I can make!). Young-hae and Marc - I'm sure you won't answer if you don't want to, but would you care to comment on literary influences?


Russell Smith
At 04:09 PM 5/12/2005 +1000, you wrote:
I experienced Young-hae and Marc's 'engaged work' as a form of dialogue, true communication (I am still contemplating that the basis of it was possibly 'unconditional love'). The fact that it was art as well was kind of secondary to me (although I was very much aware of it). I saw it as a way to escape narrow-mindedness/stupidity/rigidness/etc. (mine own as well as the one of 'other') through dialogue, exchange - you do need to kind of 'train' yourself in selflessness for that. I personally love 'true' 'stupidity', I see it as one of the basic elements of life - and when it is put in relevant context it becomes really beautiful. Therefore, my personal response to their work was related to the 'moment' in time, or rather quite accidental on one level, but one could also argue that all art (or awareness of art) is in a way an 'accidental event'.

- and, yes, lots of love from me


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